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I am a single mom and no different in the typical story that goes along with that title. I absolutely love being a mom. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My daughter is my personal "miracle". I lost three pregnancies prior to my ex-husband and I having my daughter. The joy of actually having a successful pregnancy was overwhelming. 3 years later my husband and her father decided that being a husband and father after 13 years of marriage was not what he wanted and he walked away. I had left my Insurance Agent career of 12 years to start our family. So I was a stay at home mom when he made this choice. I found myself at a cross road at that moment. Do I return to a career in Insurance or do I find a way to be a mom and have a means to provide for my child. Early on the main goal was to make sure I could provide food. I was terrified at the situation I was in because with the marital split and him refusing any help financially of any kind or any reason for leaving other than "I just don't want to be married anymore" I was faced with immediate needs. Food, housing, diapers, and clothing became my biggest fear. I was forced to visit food pantries and church ministry clothing closets among other outreach resources. It was then that I decided there had to be a way to provide the for the needs of my daughter and be the person that raised her. This lead me to tons of research. I finally found legitimate ways to make money from home and no it was not a picnic and we did not get rich. It was work and we did survive. Now that she is older and we are in a better place I am determined to take things further. I now have access to the knowledge of building income using my talents and abilities to serve those around me. One key I have found is find a need and fill it and you will be rewarded.

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